Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tweak your Ubuntu with this smart tool

There are several tools available for Windows for tweaking the look and feel of your WinOS. TweakUI,TweakNow,XDN Tweaker,Little Tweaker to name a few.However,most of you reading this post may not be aware of such tools for Ubuntu.Well there are a few and Ubuntu Tweak is one amongst them.

As quoted on Ubuntu Tweak website "Ubuntu Tweak is an application to config Ubuntu easier for everyone.It provides many useful desktop and system options that the default desktop environment doesn't provide."

So its time to explore this tool.

The HOME screen

The Home screen looks something like this.It provides basic info like hardware details,OS details,disk cache and system update.The 'Start Janitor' option can be used for cleaning up the disk cache and other junk which your system holds.We will review it further.You can also see different tabs at the top.These provide different functionalities.

The apps section

As the name suggests this section allows you to download apps for your Ubuntu OS.It features some handpicked tools as well as utilities for your entertainment.Try it out and i am sure you won't be disappointed.

Its time to do some tweaking

The 'Tweaks' section provides various categories of tweaks for your system.You can customize the look and interface of your OS.Click on the 'Love Wallpaper HD' icon and i am sure you would feel lucky.There's a lot more to explore in this section.Try it yourself.

For Admins only

This section is for the system administrators or users who have administrative privileges.This section can be used to manage files and applications.It also allows the superuser to edit and add new Sources other than the default one.The screenshots below will give you an idea about the various features.

Application Center

The application center provides a simple interface for finding and installing popular apps for your Ubuntu.One can argue it is a copycat of the apps section featured in this tweaking software,but hey,nothing is perfect in this world :)

File Type Manager

The name says it all.Just make sure that you make proper associations.

Source Center

The Janitor

The Janitor here is equivalent to the CCleaner app in Windows.Clean all the system's junk using this option.Allows you to clean out browser cache,apt-cache,temporary files,older kernel versions,unnecessary and broken packages.This is one feature that is highly recommended for all Ubuntu users.Get rid of the junk on just a click.Simple,isn't it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review about Ubuntu Tweaks.Download the app from here and keep exploring.

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