Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have an iso image

I recently downloaded the Visual studio 2010 express edition iso image from the microsoft's website.

I thought of mounting the image file (iso) with alcohol 120%.The setup file of alcohol 120% gave me errors on my Windows 7 pc(maybe because the alcohol setup was an old version).

This gave me an idea of extracting the iso files to my local disk and then run the setup.

All i needed was some tool to extract the files from iso. WinRaR is the best i thought.

This is what i did

Step 1: Selected the iso image and extracted it to a location(Used the 'Extract to' option in the right click menu.You can configure these options during the installation of WinRaR application)

Step 2: The extraction in process

Step 3: The extracted folder which includes the 'Setup' file of VS2010.

Step 4: The installation window on clicking 'Setup'

The installation thereafter was pretty smooth and fast.

Extracting from iso is a good option especially if you have a large hard disk space to keep your extracted files.

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